Our Team

The management team of Mantell-Hecathorn represents a combined 97 years of experience and dedication to building excellence. Greg and Tara have worked together since 1975 running their business. Hunter and Greg work together daily to exceed clients’ expectations.


Greg Mantell-Hecathorn, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Greg has been a builder of distinguished custom homes for 40 years. As President and CEO of Mantell-Hecathorn Builders, Inc., his dedication to building excellence and client satisfaction is unparalleled in southwest Colorado. He was a pioneer of super-insulated, energy-efficient homes in Alaska in the early 1980’s. Greg and Hunter were the first builders in Colorado to earn the credential of Master Certified Green Professionals from the National Association of Homebuilders. This ongoing education and commitment to building science gives him the knowledge to be a leader in creating more durable, energy-efficient, healthier and creative homes.

Greg’s ultimate source of happiness is his family. He and Tara have shared 44 wonderful years together, and have raised three exceptional sons who are all happy and successful. Greg and Tara homesteaded and hand built a log cabin in the remote Brooks Range wilderness of Alaska in 1975, where they spent 13 winters and which their whole family keeps as their original home. Activities that Greg enjoys include hiking and camping in the beautiful mountains and desert surrounding their Durango home, cycling in the area, international travel and cultures, and returning to their wilderness roots in the Alaskan bush.

Experience: 2015 will mark 40 years of dedication to building excellence and client satisfaction

Family: Married 41 years with 3 exceptional sons

Hobbies: Alaska wilderness cabin, exploring the southwest mountains and desert, cycling, international travel

Community Involvement: see Community & Leadership

Tara Mantell-Hecathorn, Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer

Tara has been a part of the company’s day to day operations since its inception over 40 years ago. Her current roles include being the background person of the company who keeps track of the accounting records, correspondence, and myriad other tasks involved in company management.

After graduating from the University of California at Davis with a degree in wildlife ecology she and Greg moved to Alaska. During their early years in Alaska she participated in wolf research studies and also worked for ten years in commercial construction as a union laborer. Along with building their own log cabins with Greg, she acquired a fair amount of first hand knowledge of the physical demands of construction work.

Her focus throughout has always been the family first. She has volunteered extensively in community programs including schools, kids’ sports and Boy Scouts, believing that it is important to make a positive contribution to the community. Her focus on the importance of family continues, but Tara will always love getting out in the mountains and deserts and enjoying the wonder of the outdoors, whether she and Greg are hiking, camping, cycling or cross-country skiing.

Hunter Mantell-Hecathorn, Vice-President and Project Supervisor

Our higher standards of quality and commitment to “certified” high performance homes require Hunter’s exceptional knowledge and supervision of projects to meet these goals. Greg and Hunter truly share in every aspect of each project, including design, budget, value engineering, building science, scheduling and quality control. All of our clients count on Hunter’s communication skills, personal oversight and integrity.

Hunter has worked in the business since he was a teen, helping him to develop a strong work ethic and learn the importance of honesty and integrity in all aspects of life. Hunter came to Durango, Colorado in 1999 to study Geology at Fort Lewis College, and fell in love with the area. His love of mountain biking, skiing, hiking and backpacking kept him in Durango beyond his years at Fort Lewis. He soon realized that nothing could replace the satisfaction and creative stimulation he gained from building.

Hunter has immersed himself in every aspect of the business and has dedicated himself to building science and focused his education to energy efficient building practices. Hunter takes continuing education classes, attends seminars, webinars and conferences to ensure that his knowledge and our practices are current. As a managing partner, Hunter is responsible for all daily operations of M-H projects.

When not working, he most values spending time with his wife, Miranda, and their daughters, Maya (3 1/2) and Olivia (born November 5, 2015). Hunter also enjoys pursuing his passion of photography, getting away with Miranda and Maya on camping trips as well as joining in the get-togethers of her longtime Durango family.

Miranda Mantell-Hecathorn

Miranda became involved in office management for the business in 2011.  She is involved with most aspects of business administration, including: accounting tasks, contract document management, insurance certifications, marketing and client and vendor communications.

Miranda was born and raised in our local community as a 4th generation Durango native.  She graduated from Fort Lewis College with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Communications and continues to support our local college through the FLC Alumni Association.  Miranda spent 10 years working as a legal assistant and office manager for a local civil attorney before joining the family business.

Outside the office, Miranda’s attention is on her family.  Miranda and Hunter enjoy spending time in the mountains and nearby canyon country with her daughters, Maya (3 1/2 years old) and Olivia (born November 5, 2015), and 6 year old Chocolate Lab Kyanna.  Miranda loves practicing yoga, reading, writing and crafting and has recently begun taking fly fishing lessons.