McElmo Canyon - Net Zero

McElmo Canyon - Net Zero

High Performance Custom Home

  • 1800sf
  • Time to Build- 4 ½ months from client concept, M-H Builders design to client move-in
  • Architect design-build with client: M-H Builders, Client, Architect Don Ford
  • Site- McElmo Canyon, Sand Canyon- Canyons of Ancients
  • National Housing Innovation Award Winner

The incredible 20 acre site with dramatic views of Mc Elmo Canyon to the north and majestic Sleeping Ute Mountain to the south provided the opportunity of a lifetime. We worked closely with the Owner to identify his dreams and accommodate his budget. The result is an extremely energy-efficient home that will last for generations. 

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Client Testimonial

I am writing this note to state how pleased I am with my new home. The day after I purchased the property I was able to find Mantell-Hecathorn Builders while doing online research- I was also fortunate to find that Greg and Hunter had room on their calendar to take on my project.

It was my desire to build a green and energy efficient home. The feature that I like the most is the passive solar features that were built into my house, they help warm the place in the winter and cool the place in the summer. The photovoltaic panels provide for all of t my daytime energy needs. The house is so well-built that heating and cooling demands are minimal.

It was pleasant working with Tara, Greg, and Hunter. I am confident the house they built for me will meet all of my future needs.

-Michael B.

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