Energy Efficient Living

We are leaders in certified ENERGYSTAR and DOE Zero Energy Ready Custom Homes

"Zero Energy Ready homes are the future of US housing, and innovators like Mantell-Hecathorn Builders are leading the way for the entire industry. Zero Energy Ready homes provide a vastly superior homeowner experience at a lower ownership cost - and an experience that all Americans should want in their next home."

- Sam Rashkin, Chief Architect for the US Department of Energy Building Technologies Office

Greg and Hunter were the first Builders in Colorado to earn the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Designation of Master Certified Green Professional.  As of the beginning of 2016, they are still 2 of only 3 Builders in Colorado and 111 nationwide to hold this accreditation. Each home goes through rigorous third-party testing certification under one or more of the following programs: 100% ENERGY STAR, NAHB Green, DOE Zero Energy Ready, EPA Indoor Air Quality Plus, EPA WaterSense.

Certified Performance

...means your home is fully certified to meet the rigorous guidelines for three prominent high-performance home programs:

3rd Party Verification

...means a home energy rating professional apart from your builder evaluated plans, inspected construction practices, completed detailed checklists, and performed diagnostic testing to ensure your home's performance.

Why Buy A Zero Energy Ready Home?

Lives Better.


  • Every DOE Zero Energy Ready Home has a comprehensive package of measures to minimize dangerous pollutants, provide continuous fresh air, and effectively filter the air you breathe.


  • Superior insulation, windows, air sealing and space conditioning systems included in every DOE Zero Energy Ready Home surround you with even temperatures, low-humidity, and quiet in every room on every floor.
  • Works Better.


    • Every DOE Zero Energy Ready Home begins with solid building science specified by ENERGY STAR for Homes, and then adds advanced technologies and practices from DOE's world-class research program, Building America.


    • Compared to a typical home, an ultra efficient Zero Energy Ready Home is inexpensive to own. In fact, every DOE Zero Energy Ready Home is so energy efficient, a solar electric system can easily offset most, or all, of your annual energy consumption.We call this Zero Net-Energy Ready.
    • Lasts Better.


      Advanced construction practices and technologies are specified for every DOE Zero Energy Ready Home.  Then they are enforced by independent verifiers with detailed checklists and prescribed diagnostics.


      The advanced levels of energy savings, comfort, health, durability, quality and future performance in every DOE Zero Energy Ready Home provide value that will stand the test of time, and will meet and exceed forthcoming code requirements.